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Gourmet comfort food on wheels

Guac-N-Roll tacos is dedicated to serving the OC and LA area amazing tacos and other cuisine. Come to our on-the-go kitchen and see what the party is all about!


Every Monday at Bottle Logic for Trivia Night 

Enjoy some crispy Pork Belly Bites topped with house sweet heat sauce  

5pm to 9pm

Monday 7/8 - OFF

Tuesday 7/9 - OFF

Wednesday 7/10 - Prep Day

Thursday 7/11 - Summer Street Fair, Corona 6pm - 9pm

Friday 7/12 - Stereo Brewing 4pm - 9pm

Saturday 7/13 - OFF

Sunday 7/14 - OFF


Next week..

Monday 7/15 - Bottle Logic Brewing 5pm - 9pm 
Tuesday 7/16 - Valentia Apartments 5pm - 9pm 

Wednesday 7/17 - Radiant Beer Co. 5pm - 9pm 
Thursday 7/18 - Summer Street Fair, Corona 6pm - 9pm  
Friday 7/19 - Stereo Brewing 4pm - 9pm 
Saturday 7/20 - OFF 
Sunday 7/21 - OFF 


About Us

Beginning with two professional chefs, Alfredo and Tim, together they brought a new twist to the traditional taco truck. Both longtime friends, these two chefs created a fresh new truck and brought it OC and LA county! Now evolved into a family business serving hungry eaters near and far we’re continuously changing our location and evolving our menu — always keeping our dishes fresh and unique.

We are blessed to be able to work together as a family business. We pride ourselves with making connections with people and building relationship. Email us today to ask about having us at your next big event!

Find us weekly at Bottle Logic brewery on Wednesday's, where we’re making sure that your food comes out quick and tastes delicious. Whether you’ve got time to stick around or you’re just coming to grab on-the-go, we got you covered. Stop on by at one of our locations this week!

Contact Us

Alfredo Bautista 

Alexia Bautista

Please allow 1-3 business days for us to get back to you.
We are located in Southern California

(714) 305-6735 or (714) 322-8093

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